About Us


to Milk Noir Toys! My name is Novia, a mother of 1.25; a little 3 year
old girl called Gizzy and a VERY rambunctious shih tzu puppy named
Jelly. I started creating dolls for my daughter for fun to break up the
monotony that is my diaper business, Guerilla Fluff. And after hearing
so many compliments about my daughters' dolls when she took them out and
about I thought it would be awesome to share them with you.

have been sewing avidly for over a decade and have experience extended
into the fashion industry and have been running my handmade diaper
business since 2008. So you can buy with confidence knowing that you are
dealing with a pro.

I thoroughly enjoy creating each and every
doll because they come with their own personalities as they are brought
to life. Each doll is a bit different to reflect the differences of
people. No two people look the same and neither should our toys. </center>

I'm really excited to share our original, creative toys with you and your little ones to help their imaginations run free.
Best, Novia ☺