About Our Toys


Milk Noir dolls are made with the best materials money can buy and are designed with our own patterns and (hand) sewing techniques. There's no penny scrimping when it comes to our toys. We want the toys to last through the tests of time, and hopefully become family heirlooms one day.

Our waldorf-inspired dolls are created with natural materials including 100% cotton jersey from Sweden, and molded with USA grown wool. Each face is hand-embroidered with cotton floss and their natural wool hair is attached painstakingly by hand.

While our life size Bestie dolls have some synthetic materials used for stuffing, they are made with the same love and care as our waldorf-inspired dolls. There bodies are 100% cotton, and their sweet faces are hand embroidered and their hair too is attached by hand.

All of our dolls include a small wardrobe of clothing because lets be honest, a doll's gotta accessorize.  ☺

Doll Pricing

Standard Waldorf-Inspired Doll

These dolls are your typical waldorf dolls

13" Doll ONLY  $150
16" Doll ONLY $175

Bebe' Waldorf- Inspired Doll

Bebe' dolls are waldorf newborns that are jointed and can fit into preemie clothing if desired. They come with their own paci, diapers, as well as a host of other accessories that are needed to assure babies have everything for proper care.

16" Doll ONLY $215

Bestie Dolls

Bestie dolls are our life size dolls that measure 22" long. These dolls are great for toddlers because it gives them a friend that isn't so imaginary. They make great tea party guests, and are wonderful bedside buddies.

22" Doll ONLY $150

Weighted Dolls

Weighted dolls are a form of waldorf doll that are great for a childs first doll. They're made from 100% cotton and stuffed with baked millet (it voids off pests) which warms with a childs body heat providing them comfort. Their hats are sewn onto the heads to prevent little ones from losing them, and their faces are hand embroidered with cotton floss.

Mini 1 lb doll (great for 1 & 2 yr olds): $50

Regular 2 lb doll: $90

Shipping: $15 USA $25 International

Stocking styles

Stockings happen up to twice a month from July-December. There will be a few dolls that you can purchase outright although most will be done auction style.


Auctions are the funner stockings because that's where all fun stuff happens. These auctions will include a doll plus LOTS of outfits and accessories specifically made for a particular doll. They make great gifts.

Doll Spa

Our dolls are meant to be played with but we understand that accidents happen. That's why we have a spa where your doll can arrive and stay in the lap of luxury during her visit while she/he heals before returning home to its family as fit as the day she arrived to you. If your doll has an issue please feel free to email us with pictures at milknoirtoys@gmail.com .